The Top 6 Best Blockchain Blogs to Follow in 2020

Our pick for the top 6 blockchain blogs for news, academic insights, and industry expert opinions in 2020.

brooke hansen · January 8, 2020

Reading about blockchain on the internet can quickly turn into a slippery slope.


There is a large market for learning more or simply keeping up with the latest news in blockchain. As we saw in 2017 and 2018, anyone can claim to be an expert and publish a blockchain blog (see James Altucher’s ad below), but it is important to choose your sources of information carefully.

Top blockchain blog to follow in 2020

But never fear. We’ve put together a list of six of what we consider some of the top blockchain blogs to follow in 2020. Each is unique in its own way and provides a unique blend of expert commentary and viable industry news!

Top blockchain blogs 2020 blockchain at berkley

If You Want an Academic Blog: Blockchain at Berkley

This is one of the best resources out there for high quality and reliable content. While there isn’t an abundance of content being pumped out daily, there is a value in the time put into these articles. You can expect to find content from faculty and industry experts that have the reputation to back up their statements.

All of the blockchain blogs that are published are highly thought through and researched. After spending some time here you will be guaranteed a deeper understanding of anything covered on the blog.  

Top blockchain blogs 2020 bits on blocks

If You Want an Asian Market Focused Blog: Bits on Blocks 

If you are new to blockchain or simply want to expand your knowledge in this industry, this blog is a great resource. Author Antony Lewis started the blog in 2015 and is based in Singapore.

There is an emphasis on the news or topics based in Asia in his blockchain blog. However this is one of the largest meccas for this industry, so it is valuable to get an educated and in-depth perspective on the news.  

Top blockchain blogs 2020 ibm blockchain pulse

If You Want an Enterprise Focused Blog: Blockchain Pulse (IBM)

One of the industry giants is undoubtedly IBM, and their internal blog Blockchain Unleashed is not only focused on their corporate initiatives. While it’s a great place to learn about what they are working on and who they are working with, it also covers the industry at large.

You can expect highly in-depth and extremely technical breakdowns of the inner workings of some of the most advanced blockchain applications.

Maybe not for a beginner, but certainly high-quality content.

Top blockchain blogs 2020 hashed health

If You Want a Health Focused Blog: Hashed Health 

If you are in the medical or health care industry this blog is a great one to keep up with.

The healthcare industry is very vast and blockchain can play a vital role in expanding the transparency and speed critical information is processed. This blog cultivates information from all over the globe, keeping tabs on startups, news and organizations in healthcare. 

Top blockchain blogs 2020 blockchain and the law

If You Want an Legal Focused Blog: Blockchain and the Law

Curious about the impact that the law has on the blockchain industry. This blog is written by a team of legal experts specializing in blockchain.

This is a great source for an in depth look into how laws are impacting and changing blockchain. This point of view can give readers valuable perspective, seeing that legal changes can be the determining factor of success or failure in a certain blockchain product or service.

Top blockchain blogs 2020  news btc

If You Want a News Blog: News BTC

This is a great resource for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency news. It has been live since October 2013 staying on top of breaking stories and news in the industry.

Additionally offering analysis and forecasts of top and emerging digital currencies. Their consistent and accurate reporting has resulted in mentions from CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch and many more. 

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