GoChain Resources

You can be sure that the GoChain products are rock solid as they’ve been thoroughly tested and proven in our public testnet and mainnet. We run constant load tests on our testnet to ensure GoChain works as promised.


GoChain provides all the tools you need to run a high performance and highly reliable blockchain network

GoChain Core

This is the core GoChain client used to run a blockchain network. The GoChain client is available for all platforms and is Dockerized for easy deployment. You can also set up a network with a few clicks on Microsoft Azure and other clouds.

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GoChain Explorer

View and explore all the data in your GoChain network including smart contract data.

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GoChain Wallet

Send transactions, deploy and interact with smart contracts with our simple, easy to use wallet.

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Real-time network statistics for monitoring your GoChain network.

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Web3 CLI Tool

The easiest way to build and deploy smart contracts on any web3 based network.

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RPC Proxy

Proxy for the web3 JSON-RPC API that adds additional security and attack prevention by disabling many of the insecure endpoints and adding rate limiting.

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Learn how to develop applications using GoChain, run GoChain nodes, and more.

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Additional Tools

We also have some other tools that can use with your GoChain network:

  • Chainload – A tool for load testing your blockchain network