Have an idea, but don't know where to start? Let our Sr. Engineers and product teams help you go from an idea to reality.


Blockchain development is very new and there aren't a lot of people who know how to do it right. We can implement your ideas from start to finish, using all the best practices for developing decentralized applications.


We also provide onsite workshops for your team to get in-depth blockchain training, from beginner to advanced. Think of it as a blockchain boot camp for your business.

Blockchain Workshops

Blockchain Workshops

Blockchain workshops provide your team with hands-on, onsite training for both learning about blockchain and implementing blockchain solutions. The GoChain consulting and development team offers 1 - 2 day workshops focused on general blockchain training, architecture, business concepts, and developer training. Workshops are designed to provide a basic analysis of typical industry challenges and solutions. GoChain’s engineers and solutions experts will also dive into specific problems that your business is facing including cost, transparency, database architecture, and record auditing, while providing an overview of how these challenges can be overcome by using blockchain.

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"The amazing people at GoChain took our team from blockchain beginners to experts overnight. Great experience."
- Jeff S

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Consulting Services

Let the GoChain engineers bring your ideas to life or enhance your existing solutions using industry best practices. Blockchain applications can get very complex if not done right and we’ll make sure it’s done right so your team can maintain and support it going forward.

We Save You Time – We’ve learned the hard way how to build dApps and how to run and manage blockchain networks. Let us help you avoid common pitfalls and give you best practices from the start.

We Enable Your Teams – We teach your teams how to do it right, so they can do take over the project from us and continue to build and maintain it. They’ll also be equipped with the best practices so they can do it on their own for the next project.

We offer consulting packages for every step of the project lifecycle.

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Our process is designed to ensure you get the product or solution you want, which often changes throughout the process.


This is where we talk about the end goal and make a plan to get there.


Now that we've got a plan, it's time to get to work.


Constant feedback throughout the process is required to ensure the project is going in the right direction.


Rinse and repeat...

Private Training

Private training for project managers, developers, architects, and business managers is provided as a specific solution. A private training session is billed hourly and can be conducted in person or over a video conference, and is designed to target a specific industry problem or architectural challenge. The expert team at GoChain is committed to providing a customized training session based on specified needs and objectives. Typical training sessions include the following:

  • Qualitative project analysis
  • General blockchain education
  • Analysis of industry problems and use cases
  • Technical onboarding and platform implementation
  • DevOps and Architecture

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