Land Management

Leveraging blockchain, businesses will be able to automate inefficient processes to increase revenue while reducing costs.

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Where are we now?

Current Industry Challenges

The current systems in place are old and inefficient. Loss or misplacement of documents can lead to costly court cases. Forged or fraudulent documents can cause turmoil between citizens.

Outdated Processes

Current processes delay changes by weeks and create a lack of public transparency.

Validity Proof for documents

Paper documents can in many cases be forged or manipulated.

Payments and Settlement Delays

Many settlements can take days or weeks to process and clear.

Paper document managment

Paper breaks down over time and can be easily lost or misplaced over the years.

A better solution

Land Managment on Blockchain

Automated Processes

Using Distributed Ledger Technology helps save you time and manpower

  • Realtime events
  • Replace costly Databases
  • Improve efficiency
  • Automate Compliance
  • Unlimited scalability

Infrastructural Solution

Replace RDBMS at a lower cost and greater efficiency

  • Reduce database costs
  • Save labor costs
  • Reduce friction
  • Scale without huge costs
  • Transparency

Distributed File Storage

Store records in a distributed fashion for full transparency

  • Easy look-up
  • Global availability
  • Competitve cost savings
  • Full Redundency
  • 100% uptime availability

Data Validity

Smart Contracts create new forms of verification and automation

  • Automate verification
  • View outliers immediately
  • Automate fees and billings
  • Totally transparent transactions
  • Avoid Fraud and human error

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