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You can now use our fully-functional public beta of our identity framework built initially for Microsoft

gochain · August 12, 2019

As always, our development team has been hard at work and focused on building a full suite of products and services. This approach is part of our main initiative in securing a solid foundation for a decentralized future.

We have made steady progress on our 2019 Roadmap and a couple of months ago we delivered a proof-of-concept for an identity framework for Microsoft. Now we are proud to release tools for the rest of the world to use!

We invite you to go ahead and utilize our public identity app for managing decentralized identifiers, issuing verifiable credentials and verifying credentials. This is all based on the W3C identity specifications. Once you create your decentralized identity, you will receive your first credential from GoChain! You can then verify that credential in the app too.

Our public app is a great way to see how simple and valuable leveraging decentralized identity can be for not just individuals, but also organizations. For instance, Universities can issue digital diplomas that allow HR departments to easily verify an interviewee’s claims, greatly reducing the risk of resume fraud. Banks can issue digital claims such as statements, funds, credit reports, allowing lenders to turn around loan decisions more rapidly.

The applications are endless and extend to all industries.

“Eight out of ten employers find resume fraud.” — CareerBuilder

Try out the app below ⤵️ and contact us for more information! Decentralized Identifier – Digital Identity | GoChainDiscover decentralized identity-a new way to take ownership of your personal data.identity.gochain.io

Why digital identity is important (from Blockgeeks)

Personal identity is one of the fundamental human rights as per Article 8 of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. At its most basic level, identity consists of:

– First and last name.

– Date of birth.

– Nationality.

Some form of a national identifier such as passport number, social security number (SSN), driving license, etc.

The importance of identity can’t be overstated. Without a valid form of ID, one can’t own property, vote, receive government services, open a bank account, or find full-time employment. Without control over one’s identity, it is easy to become invisible and be unable to participate in society simply because one can’t prove that they are who they say they are.

However, there is a big problem plaguing this space. All this data, such as passport number, SSN, driving license are stored in centralized servers and databases. This leads to three major issues:

– Only these centralized entities can give out identities.

– These centralized entities can mishandle your personal data.

– Identity theft.

Read Blockgeek’s full article on Blockchain and Digital Identity below ⤵️

Blockchain and Digital Identity: Ultimate GuideBlockchain and Digital Identity…Even though several steps have been taken to improve the identity industry…blockgeeks.com

Identity Solutions for Enterprise

Our public app demonstrates how decentralized identity and verifiable credentials work and how simple it can be to use. But did you know it can also provide a ton of value for your business or organization? Almost anything that is typically issued as a paper document to show proof of something can be issued as a verifiable credential providing the recipient with indisputable proof that can’t be forged or tampered with. Things like a diploma, transcripts, titles on property, proof of employment, proof of funds, credit ratings, etc.

This is why Microsoft reached out to GoChain to help them build a proof-of-concept for how identity and verifiable credentials can be used for business. Since launching the proof-of-concept, GoChain has continued to build out identity solutions for our clients and for the blockchain ecosystem.

The GoChain Identity and Credential Platform

Most companies and organizations will need more than just the ability to issue and verify credentials, they will need a system to keep track of what they have issued, re-issue lost credentials, automate the verification process and integrate this into their existing systems. For instance, along with a paper diploma or employment letter, you can email the recipient their digital version which they can take with them to provide to employers, banks, etc in the future. You could even print a QR code directly on the paper containing the credential.

GoChain’s Identity and Credential Platform includes an API to integrate with your existing systems to automate the issuance process, databases to keep track of and manage identities and issued credentials and a web interface to interact with everything.

Contact us for more information.

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