GoChain Hits the Road: Blockchain in Oil & Gas Houston, TX

gochain · October 4, 2019

The GoChain team was able to attend the 3rd annual Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference held on September 18th and 19th. The conference was aligned with educating and creating a community of forward-thinking individuals who understand how blockchain technology, smart contracts, distributed data, and secure ledgers can change the way the oil and gas industry evolves.

The team was able to foster numerous conversations surrounding the growth and development of blockchain technology within this industry. We know that when implemented correctly, blockchain can help enterprises involved in the oil and gas supply chain improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase revenue by creating new products and services.

There was an array of informative booths and presentations throughout the 2-day event.

This two-day event was heavily focused on bringing together a new and revolutionary industry with one that has been around for years. There is and still will be a learning curve in the coming years, but this event and the education have made attendees early adopters of the blockchain movement.

Ian Alexander and Brooke Hansen had the pleasure of attending the conference and making connections within the oil & gas industry.

You can find all of the educational presentations from the conference here: https://www.blockchain-oilandgas.com/page/1454719/2019-presentations

Many enterprises are still struggling to implement the technology correctly simply because they don’t fully understand it. Let us help you.GoChain’s core team of expert engineers and business professionals are dedicated to working with enterprise companies and mid-level businesses to build custom blockchain solutions.

Contact us today if you need help in integrating blockchain into your business. [email protected]

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