GoChain Tokens (GO) are primarily used as gas to process transactions, send tokens as currency, and interact with smart contracts. You can get Go on a variety of exchanges and currency exchange systems.


GoChain has a variety of ways to both obtain and store your tokens.

Swapping other Currencies for GoChain

If you already hold another cryptocurrency you can now easily swap between one currency to another using ChangeNow's exchange service. Use the widget to swap your currency to GoChain with ease.


GoChain strives to be listed on as many reputable exchanges as possible to keep the currency as liquid and accessible as possible.

You can currently purchase GO at the following exchanges:

Wallets & Storage

For the safety of your tokens it is recommended you hold your tokens yourself as much as possible. To make this process simpler on our end users we offer a wide range of support for both hot and cold wallets.

GoChain is supported on the following wallets: