Energy Trading

Leveraging blockchain, businesses will be able to automate inefficient processes and help manage the grids that serve everyone's needs.

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Where are we now?

Current Industry Challenges

The current systems in place are old and inefficient. Loss or misplacement of documents can lead to costly court cases. Forged or fraudulent documents can cause turmoil between citizens.

Slow Settlements

Data transfer and settlements for energy contracts are slow.

Lack of Transparency

Trades are not always secure or immutable.

High Overhead Costs

Traditional and Cloud databases can become cost prohibitive.

No Immediate Results

Process for obtaining energy is time consuming.

A better solution

Energy Trading on Blockchain

Automated Processes

Using Distributed Ledger Technology helps save you time and manpower

  • Realtime events
  • Secure transactions
  • Multi-party Participants
  • Trustless Third-partys
  • Full Automation

Fast Settlements

Distributed Ledger Technology allows for near-instant settlements

  • Reduce transfer costs
  • Save processing time
  • Remove friction
  • Transparent transactions
  • Multi-party confirmations

Transparent Immutability

Trades happen openly and without change

  • Trust Enforced
  • Global availability
  • Transfer cost savings
  • No reversals
  • Exact transactions


Distributed Ledger Technology reduces overhead across the board

  • High data availability
  • Automated services
  • Full redundancy
  • Verifiable databases
  • Data governance

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GoChain has the best performing public web3 based network which is live and ready to use at 1300tps. Deploy your DApps and smart contracts today to get 100x the performance of Ethereum and reduce your impact on the environment.

GoChain is also the most reliable, most performant, 100% Ethereum Compatible blockchain for private networks as well.

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