Conservation International Joins GoChain Network as a Blockchain Signing Node

Conservation International will operate a signing node in support of the GoChain public blockchain network

Marie Gonzalez · February 4, 2020
Conservation international blockchain node gochain

RENO, USA – ARLINGTON, USA, FEBRUARY 2, 2020 — Conservation International and GoChain, a leader in enterprise and government blockchain solutions, today announced the signing of a Node Operating Agreement whereas Conservation International is now operating a signing node in support of the GoChain blockchain network.

Conservation International is a global environmental organization that works with governments, companies and communities to spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity. Since its inception in 1987, Conservation International has helped to protect more than 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million square miles) of land and sea across more than 70 countries. 

As a signing node, Conservation International is one of up to 50 enterprises and organizations to run specialized servers that facilitate the GoChain network’s Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm and validate the blocks of transactions produced on the blockchain network.

“As conservationists it’s important we look to the future and embrace the role technology can play when it comes to solving some of our toughest challenges. We look forward to being part of the GoChain network and exploring how blockchain solutions can be a positive force in achieving conservation. For instance, blockchain could be used to help consumers know whether the products they are buying are sustainable or not, by tracking commodities from source to shelf.” 

Hank Cauley, Senior Vice President of the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, Conservation International

Long term, the envisioned collaboration is expected to help Conservation International explore how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can further transparency, increase accountability and spur conservation investments to transform commodity supply chains, monitor biodiversity and protect nature.

“A core tenet of GoChain’s mission is to develop technology for impact and the betterment of society. Our top priorities include helping enterprises and governments to drive efficiencies, realize green and responsible supply chains, develop innovative sustainability solutions and to harness technology for the greater good. Accordingly, we are thrilled to welcome Conservation International as a new partner and node signer for the GoChain network. Conservation International ranks among the finest, most reputable organizations in the world and we look forward to working closely with them on timely environmental conservation initiatives globally.” 

Henry Ines, COO, GoChain

GoChain’s Proof of Reputation blockchain network

Hosted by known and “reputable” corporations or organizations such as Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) and DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH), these nodes foster the growth of the network while providing security through their geographic distribution. As a result, Proof of Reputation has several advantages over its predecessor, Proof of Work (PoW), which is used as the consensus algorithm for Bitcoin and Ethereum:

First, Proof of Reputation networks can scale to more transactions per second with far lower cost and wasted energy. Second, because all nodes are operated by a diverse set of known, trusted businesses and organizations, there is greater security and less vulnerability to attack by bad actors than centralized ledgers or even distributed blockchains where large ‘mining’ organizations control the majority of the network.

About Conservation International

Conservation International uses science, policy and partnerships to protect the nature that people rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on six continents to ensure a healthy, prosperous planet that supports us all. Learn more about Conservation International, the groundbreaking  “Nature Is Speaking” campaign and its series of virtual reality projects: “Drop in the Ocean”“My Africa,”  “Under the Canopy” and “Valen’s Reef.” Follow Conservation International’s work on Conservation News, our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

About GoChain

GoChain believes in driving the adoption of impactful technology for the betterment of society and our habitat. GoChain partners with companies in all industries to quickly launch and manage their own scalable, low-cost blockchain solutions, run distributed applications and to deploy smart contracts.  At 1,300 transactions per second, GoChain’s network is the fastest, most sustainable, web3 based public and private blockchain protocol. GoChain’s Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus algorithm relies on a decentralized consortium of Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and nonprofits to validate transactions. GoChain also supports its designated public cryptocurrency, which has the ticker symbol GO. For more information, visit or follow GoChain on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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